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Chebucto Community Net

Chebucto Plus is Chebucto Community Net's graphical PPP service. Plus users can get membership status, Web searches, online usage and more from this homepage.

For more information on Chebucto Plus, visit our documentation site.

CCN Message of the Day:

*** Updated December 1, 2020 ***

*** We are in the process of transitioning to a new upstream internet provider.  This is because, due to changes in their
    network, Dalhousie University is no longer able to provide upstream internet connections to third-party organizations
    such as ourselves.  Dalhousie is facilitate this transition and we do not anticipate CCN members will be
    affected at this time.  We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that CCN has a new snail mail address;
    please check our "Contact Us" section for more details.

*** CCN Office is closed due to COVID-19 closures until further notice. Manors visits and new membership signups suspended for the same reason. We want to keep everyone safe.

*** Your CCN password is private, never give it to anyone
    All emails that ask for your Chebucto password are scams.  CCN will never send you an email asking for your password.

*** For those who have not already noticed, the email system has been moved to a new server.  There have been some hiccups in the process, but we believe most mailboxes are working.
**** Known problems:
  * Pine users can not send email to @chebucto.ns.ca addresses, but external addresses should be fine
  * If you have entered "user@chebucto.ns.ca" as your login name to IMAP client, you need to change it to just "user"


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Please note that the minimum time guarantee for PPP users is 45 minutes.

Sessions are disconnected after 20 minutes idle (this will not affect downloads).

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